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Strength, speed training and plyometrics

Recognized International Diploma

Advanced in the Field and Laboratory Training, with the Best Teachers and Professionals

Advanced Training Course for obtaining the Diploma in Strength, Speed and Plyometrics Training. You will gain access to the most authoritative, innovative and up-to-date scientific expertise to work in a fast growing and developing industry. Presented by the best researchers and specialists in the international field. All lecturers in this course are researchers and practitioners operating in the highest series and in one of the best biomedical research laboratories in the world, the CEP Centre d’Expertise pour la Performance. ATS professionals are the most requested by sports clubs, sportsmen and professional athletes, specialized centers and prepared to establish collaborations with other professionals.

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Strength, Speed and Plyometrics

Training Methods, Techniques and Protocols. You will have access to the most modern knowledge of training methodology, with the guidance of the best teachers, researchers and professionals of international level. You will gain skills and confidence to accelerate your career in the world of physical preparation.

In Collaboration with CEP Dijion and Sport Science™

From the Laboratory to the Field

A path aimed at Sports Professionals

The Diploma Specialist in Strength Training, Speed and Plyometrics, represents a very significant theoretical-practical training experience for the career of Professional Physical Trainers. Many of the most renowned preparers of the highest series in Italy and abroad were trained at the CEP. ATS with CEP since 2016 have presented Higher Education events reserved for specialists and technicians of various disciplines. In addition to the practice in laboratories with the most advanced instrumentation, the course takes place on the field with the preparatory guide and direct experience with athletes. It is one of the most exclusive training events worldwide with the guidance of researchers, professionals and technicians.


Training in Laboratory, in the Field and Streaming

ATS™ Institute together with the most innovative training in the field, presents the most innovative streaming platform in the world in the field of Health and Sport.

Content and Duration

Unique Modular Course with National Diploma.

Together with the Best Specialists



in Presence

An experience that has marked the career of many Trainers operating in the high level.

Professional Teaching Aids



Video Training in Streaming

Professional Video Training. From Now, you can access the included and preparatory training video.

The Highest Level of Training


Physical Trainers

Practice carried out with Athletes

ATS Institute presents the highest level of professional training together with the best specialists.

Included in the Path

Access to the International Professional Path

Streaming On-Demand

Video Training

Through your Personal Library, you will find the modular preparatory training to access the training in presence. You can study and consult it whenever you want, through any device.

Research and Performance Center

Training at the CEP

An updated study plan. ATS Institute, is the only provider to present the largest paper publishing work combined with video streaming training.

Multiple Choice

Online Exams

After completing the training in presence, you can take the online exam on the ATS Institute platform. Passing the exam will allow access to the ISSR Register and the Professional Register with the qualification obtained.

ATS Courses

The difference between experts and true Experts

Choose the best of the best. Join ATS™ Institute. Learn to recognize the highest quality standard.


Certifications e Diplomas

Earn the Recognized Title and Work Professionally

At the end of the Path, you will obtain the Specialist in Strength, Speed and Pliometry Training Diploma. This path will therefore allow you to achieve 3 Certifications and 2 Diplomas, one issued by ATS Institute together with Sport Science™ and one by the CEP. You can also apply for the ACSI/CONI National Professional Card and Diploma to provide services at ASD/SSD.

Diplomi Preparatore fisico specializzazione
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Registration in the ATS Register

ATS Professional Register

By earning ATS Professional Qualifications, you will have access to the Professional Register by creating your personal profile. The most authoritative reference for health and sports professionals to get in touch with their customers.

Registration in the International Register

International Sport Science Register

By earning the Diploma, you will be able to access the International Register by virtue of ATS’s partnership with Sport Science. You can enter your qualification and create your own profile to get in touch with your customers.

Sport Physical Preparation

Stand out in a competitive market by joining the world’s #1 Network for Sport and Health.

Professional Training

Strength, Speed and Plyometrics

Sport Performance Training

Through this advanced vocational training course, you will acquire the most scientifically updated skills in one of the largest biomedical and performance research centers in Europe. The CEP was founded by Gilles Cometti, a forerunner and precursor in the field of physical training. Today the CEP is led by his daughter Carole Cometti PhD and Nicolas Babault PhD in the Technical and co-direction function, together with the Head of the Research Commission: Christos Paizis PhD. The center collaborates in continuity with the Faculty of Sports Sciences of Dijon, and is located in the same district.

  • On-Demand Video
    01 Streaming Training

  • European Headquarters
    02 Training at the CEP

  • Training Team
    03 Trainers, Researchers and Athletes

  • Multiple Choice
    04 Online Exams

Practical Application

Strength Training

The CEP is internationally renowned, for the completeness of the instrumentation available, able to study and better understand the body’s athletic expressions.

Scientific Update

Speed Training

Speed Training is undoubtedly a field of excellence when we refer to the CEP. Gilles Cometti is still renowned internationally for its work in this field. The course provides all the most scientifically updated skills.

Methods and Techniques


In the preparation phase, plyometric training, has proven to be one of the most effective methods to improve explosive power and is an essential technique in the training of sports that require an increase in reactive force, elastic force and explosive force.

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High Professional Training

The Best Teachers, Professionals and Researchers

Physical Preparers, Kinesiologists, Biologists, Researchers and International Teachers, Biomechanics, Posturologists. Only the best specialists join the ATS Team.

In ATS no compromise on the preparation and teaching ability of teachers and the structure of teaching plans.


Teaching Staff of the Path

The Best Specialists and Researchers in the field of Health and Sports

Carole Cometti-Bonhomme PhD, Doctorat en Sciences du Sport. Responsable du Diplôme Universitaire de préparation physique.
Nicolas Babault PhD, Professeur des universités, HDR. Activités de recherche s’intéressant à: entrainement, préparation physique, muscle, force, puissance, détente, vitesse, étirements, fatigue, récupération.
Christos Paizis PhD, Maître de conférences, HDR. Activités de recherche s’intéressant à: Plasticité neuronale, entrainement, préparation physique, muscle – contraction, force, vitesse, équilibre.
Gaëlyann Rodot, Master Entrainement et Optimisation de la Performance Sportive à Dijon (EOPS).
Guillaume Berthe, Diplôme Universitaire Préparateur Physique Gilles Cometti à Dijon (DUPP). Master Activités Physique Adaptées et Santé, professionnel à Dijon (APAS).
Baptiste Chanel, Diplôme Universitaire Préparateur Physique Gilles Cometti à Dijon (DUPP). Master Entrainement et Optimisation de la Performance Sportive à Dijon (EOPS).

Course Program

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Introduction to Strength

  • Methods of Force development

  • Strength Resistance

  • Specific Force

Friday Morning

  • Force Assessment (in groups)

  • Maximum Strength and Power Spectrum

  • Explosive Force, Kinvent and Force Plates

  • Biodex Gait Trainer

Friday Afternoon

  • Introduction to Speed

  • Demonstration

  • Demonstration

  • Speed Assessment

Saturday Morning

  • Introduction to Plyometrics

  • Plyometrics and Young People

  • Planning

  • Plyometrics Assessment

Stand Out Professionally in a Competitive Market

By acquiring the skills now proposed by ATS Institute, you will be able to distinguish yourself in a highly competitive market from a commercial point of view and above all you will be able to present professional services at sports clubs and athletes. You will increase your value by identifying needs and offering services that are useful and capable of delivering concrete results.

From Scientific Research to Practical Application

Scientifically updated and professionally applicable information and skills

A course of excellence together with an invaluable international experience. ATS Institute together with Sport Science and CEP, Centre d’Expertise pour la Performance, in 3 days of practical applications based on the latest scientific training. The previous edition of the course “Strength Training” at the CEP, organized by the ATS Institute (2017), was defined as an unprecedented opportunity in which many high-class professionals participated. The course will be presented in French and simultaneously translated into Italian. The explanation of the teachers will be demonstrated by athletes in attendance.

  • 01 Limited number and exclusive course

  • 02 The best international training

  • 03 Experienced professionals prepared for training

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In Partnership with ATS Institute

International Sport Science™ Register

Professional International Register

ATS works in partnership with After obtaining the Official Certification you will have access to the International Sport Science™ Register. International register where you will have at your disposal your professional profile through which to get in touch with customers and companies. together with ATS Institute presents the most comprehensive and in-depth training programs for sports and health professionals. The absolute benchmark and the highest standards in the international arena to save successfully. We train the best professionals and leaders in the professional and scientific sports sector.

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All Payment Methods, even in Installments.

We make the Highest Level of Education accessible

We have simplified the process of access to training and learning, so that this information and expertise is within the reach of anyone who can understand its value. ATS Institute accepts all major payment formulas: credit cards, bank transfers and paypal credit. Also in installments.

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We make the Highest Level of Education accessible

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78.000+ Testimonials

98% of Certified Operators with ATS, gave a positive testimony on the training courses presented by ATS Institute. Over 90,000 Certified Professionals in Italy.



Years of activity

Scientific Research, Publishing and Training.

Since 2008 ATS Institute is the reference point for Health, Wellness and Sports professionals



Events organized in Italy

ATS is the original that many schools and academies around the world are inspired by.

Leader Institute in Professional Training

Invest in your Career


Qualified Professionals

Technical Training and Practical Skills

ATS™ training courses are distinguished by an innovative perspective of human study


Lavinia Mitachi

Lavinia Mitachi

I'm a Physical Trainer of a Handball team. It's a pleasure to be here for this course, I learned many things. It has been interesting for me and for my job.

Gianluca Bartoli

Gianluca Bartoli

The CEP is very interesting for those who are Kinesiologists and for those who have a degree in Sports Science. The course is structured in very intense and formative.

Davide Paterno

Davide Paterno

I'm super satisfied with this course, I had heard about it very well, in fact it exceeded the expectations that were already high. The teachers are super!

Nicolò Sanna

Nicolò Sanna

It was a fantastic experience, both in terms of location and organization and teachers. We've put into practice many ideas both at the level of philosophy.


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Course of High Specialization Strength, Speed and Plyometrics. Dijon (France) 03-04-05 April 2025

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