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ATS Institute is pleased to present an unprecedented event.
Sunday 1st October 2023 in Arezzo



A meeting organized for the first time in Italy by ATS Institute: Giacomo Catalani presents Costantino Valente and Dott. Zhou Gan Sheng, TCM specialist and one of the world’s leading Qi Gong experts.

For over 15 years, ATS, the Institute of Professional Training in the Scientific Field, has dedicated a line of research and in-depth study to Complementary Medicines, Nutrition and Phytotherapy, presenting the best specialists in the international context. This occasion will be a moment of encounter of absolute value, in order to know the therapeutic potential of Qi Gong and to meet the oriental studies of the medical art, together with the most modern scientific approach.

Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng comes from a central area of China, relatively close to Mount Huang Shan, the “Yellow Mountain” sacred to the Taoists. He has students in many parts of Asia and because of his selective characteristics of the students who propose, he does not accept anyone. Constantino Valente is the only Westerner he considers his Tu Di, that is, a direct student.

In recent years, the ATS Institute has organized several trips to China to approach Qi Gong and meet doctors who could offer a technical deepening, scientifically evaluating therapeutic applications and studying their effectiveness. The contents presented by Dott. Zhou Gan Sheng, have allowed us to fully understand the dynamics underlying these practices and offered the opportunity to study direct sources. A level of knowledge that we believe can be successfully and valiantly integrated in the Western vision of health.


The conference will be a time to deepen various aspects of Medicine, analyzing the concept of Qi Gong and the spread of this approach in the Eastern context. Traditional medicine is based on a deductive approach that places the person as a starting point of its therapeutic system.

The peculiarity of this event lies in the fact that we will not talk about theory, but about practical approach and objective clinical experience, directly illustrated by Dr.Zhou and experienced by the speakers who were able to document this information.

This event is aimed at health professionals and users, who wish to understand from direct and authoritative sources the information and applications of traditional medicine.


In chapter 26 of the new Compendium of the World Health Organization (WHO), a classification system has been inserted to identify concepts such as “Qi deficiency”, “stasis of spleen Qi” or “balance between “Yin and Yang”. Terms used so far only by Western holistic operators and of course, by doctors specialized in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With the new indications, the WHO also communicated its plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine inviting member States and other stakeholders for the regulation and integration safe and quality-assured products, practices and professionals. The World Health Organization also stressed the goal of the strategy: “to promote the safe and effective use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By regulating, researching and integrating traditional medicine products, professionals, and practices in health systems”, worldwide.

What is the WHO Compendium:
It is the document drawn up by the World Health Organization, which classifies thousands of diseases and diagnoses, defining the medical agenda in over 100 countries. The documentation in the Compendium influences and indicates the guidelines on how doctors make diagnoses, on how epidemiologists base their researches, on how insurance companies determine coverage and on how health officers interpret mortality statistics.
Specifically, the twenty-sixth chapter of the WHO Compendium aims to be a standard reference that all professionals can use to help diagnose the disease and assess possible causes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
It is the oldest known body care practice, and is still actively used in China, Japan, and Korea.
The approach of the TCM, is based on the theory that the disease derives from the improper flow of life force, called “Qi”, in turn regulated by harmonizing the opposite forces of Yin and Yang, which manifest themselves in the body in the form of external/ internal, cold/hot, deficit/excess.
In addition to the Qi Vital Force and the Yin and Yan relationship, within the MTC there are other cardinal principles such as the Tao, the Five Elements and the Meridians.

The Vital Qi energy of TCM
Traditional Chinese Medicine is therefore based on the theory that vital energy (Qi) flows along channels called meridians and allows the body to maintain health.
The disease in this case, manifests itself in function of an energetic imbalance, and treatments such as acupuncture and phytotherapy, serve to restore it.

Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng
ATS Institute deals with Interdisciplinary Studies in Applied Sciences and Neuroscience. In light of the important and current scientific debate, for years we have been looking for reliable information that could clarify the nature of Qi and the role it plays in our lives. The meeting with Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng gave us the opportunity to find answers much more exhaustive than we could imagine. We believe that this conference represents the beginning of a path of study that every researcher should undertake, to discover the most intrinsic physiological mechanisms of human nature. Dr Zhou Gan Sheng, is a person with a very particular history and life, he spent over 22 years in a monastery immersed in the mountains of China and during this long period, he learned the techniques of meditation and Qi Gong. The knowledge he holds is only handed down verbally and it is very rare to have the chance to meet him.

The conference will be a moment of encounter, during which it will be possible to have a direct experience of the concepts expressed by Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng.



Specialist in TCM

Specialist in energy techniques, traditional acupuncture and Zhen Dao, a particular type of acupuncture. Specialist in Phytotherapy and Qi Gong. Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng, spent over 22 years in a monastery nestled in the mountains of China near Huang Shan, the “Yellow Mountain” sacred to the Taoists and during this long period, he learned the techniques of meditation and Qi Gong. The knowledge he holds is only handed down verbally and it is very rare to have the opportunity to meet him. To know better Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng, you can follow the Talk recorded in 2018 with Giacomo Catalani.


Costantino Valente

Master Nei Qi Gong and direct student of Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng

Dr. in Statistics Sciences. Since 2010, direct student of Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng and he is currently one of the few in the world to know the full method of study of the Master. He speaks fluent Chinese, a language he learned to further his studies of traditional Chinese medicine. He developed the method Nei Qi Gong, he is a Master of various specialties of martial arts. He is currently recognized 7th Duan by the Italian Traditional Kung Fu Federation, and is a reference point in Italy for many students and learners. He is a lecturer and speaker at numerous events in China, to expose his studies, his methods and his knowledge.


The scientific debate on manual therapies, Qi Gong, meridians and techniques of traditional Chinese medicine is still open and particularly intense. However, we have identified that the knowledge on which the dialogues and their analyses are developed is still fragmentary for many operators who engage in scientific criticism.

ATS Institute, starting from an in-depth analysis and study of the concepts of the TCM, has undertaken a long research path in Asia, through which various meetings with representatives of the medical-scientific world have followed. Among the first considerations that we have been able to evaluate, there is undoubtedly a particularly different cultural approach.

In order to make this concept more comprehensible, we can reflect on the linguistic differences and conceptual barriers associated with them. The spoken language reflects a model of thought, so for Chinese, for Arabic, Russian, certainly Italian and so on, for all the languages of the world. The Chinese cultural aspects are inherent in the millennial therapeutic process, through which numerous concepts related to traditional medicine techniques have been developed. The same relationship between teacher-student and doctor-patient, are very different from the behavioral dynamics that we could imagine in western countries.

The Chinese pharmacopoeia, is equally very different from that of western countries, as well as dietary and phytotherapy. With this awareness, we have delved into the Chinese cultural fabric to understand what results such an approach could offer. The meeting with Dr. Zhou Gan Sheng was enlighting and clarifying. The positive results that we have collected and documented, open us up to further and necessary investigation.

In light of the data that we have collected, scientifically relevant and statistically supported, we believe it is appropriate to involve health professionals to deepen the phenomena that we have identified, in order to understand their absolute value and related benefits.

In view of the privilege we will have in presenting for the first time in Italy a conference of this level, we invite professionals and those who wish to understand from an authoritative source, to participate in this important event.



Giacomo Catalani

Founder of the ATS Institute

Editor and author of articles, books and videos in the fields of science, health, psychology, behaviorism. Expert in the field of strategic communication. He presents over 500 training events a year including workshops, conferences, seminars and summits, meeting thousands of people. His interventions are requested by major institutions, federations and companies. For over 15 years he has dedicated a whole department of research and textual production to the practices of traditional Chinese medicine, deepening and integrating the Eastern approach to the knowledge of Western medicine. The meeting with many of the major national and international representatives in the medical and therapeutic field, led to the development of numerous laboratories and the organization of conferences in Italy and abroad. In this event he will be speaker and moderator of the interventions that will be presented.

Analyzing phenomena in the absence of prejudice, as any researcher should act, the value of this meeting will be priceless. Translational Medicine transforms scientific findings from laboratory, clinical or population studies into new clinical tools and applications that improve human health. The commitment of ATS Institute in the organization of this event, comes from the desire to share new exciting scenarios in the biomedical field and psychophysical health. I invite all those who wish to broaden their knowledge in the medical and health context to participate.
Giacomo Catalani


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